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Discipline Appeals

If you have been placed on disciplinary probation, the University Ombudsman is available to assist you. The Ombudsman can inform you of your rights and protect those rights during deliberations, including hearings, involving disciplinary action and course grade appeals.

In addition to the Ombudsman, you may have only one other person (who is not an attorney) accompany you in the disciplinary hearing meeting, and that person will not be allowed to speak.

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct provides the following information about student discipline appeals:

  • 12.3 The following persons may attend: members of the Student Discipline Committee, the dean and the dean’s staff, the student defendant, the Ombudsman, and only one (1) other person accompanying the student defendant. The student defendant may have counsel who may only serve in an advisory role. That person may not be an attorney. Only the Ombudsman and the student defendant may address the committee, ask questions to the witnesses and present testimony and rebuttal summations. The counsel may ONLY ADVISE the student defendant.

Read the entire Student Code of Conduct.

Discipline Committee

Dr. Bill Ferguson is the chair of the University's Discipline Committee.

Email Dr. Ferguson at His office is located in Moody Hall, Room 323.