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-The Lyceum Fee was established to provide funds for academic speakers at the University. The cost of the fee will be less than $1 to round off the student tuition bill.

Financials for the 2018-2019 Lyceum Fee

Lyceum Fee REVENUES Tuition and Fees    
      Lyceum Fee-Fall 8,947.09
      Lyceum Fee-Spring 6,420.81
      Lyceum Fee-SU/odd 0.00
      Lyceum Fee-WI 73.14
      Lyceum Fee-SI 152.90
      Tuition & Fees-Allowance Adj 850.24
      Tuition & Fees-Prior Semesters 1.01
      Lyceum Fee-SU/even 1,884.64
    Tuition and Fees Total   18,329.83
  REVENUES Total     18,329.83
  EXPENDITURES Professional Services Honorarium (9,578.19)
    Professional Services Total   (9,578.19)
    Other Charges Other (250.00)
      Transfer of Institutional Support (8,000.00)
    Other Charges Total   (8,250.00)
  EXPENDITURES Total     (17,828.19)
  TRANSFERS Interfund Transfers Out Interfund Transfers Out (1,000.00)
    Interfund Transfers Out Total   (1,000.00)
  TRANSFERS Total     (1,000.00)