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Southwestern Book Review

-The Southwestern Review Book Fee was established in 1995 to provide funding for UL Southwestern Review literary magazine.  The fee is $.10 per semester.

Financials for the 2018-2019 Southwest Review Book Fee

Southwestern Literary Book ReviewREVENUESTuition and Fees  
   Book Fee-Fall1,541.40
   Book Fee-Spring1,387.80
   Book Fee-SU/odd0.00
   Book Fee-WI22.00
   Book Fee-SI30.40
   Tuition & Fees-Prior Semesters0.10
   Book Fee-SU/even381.10
  Tuition and Fees Total 3,362.80
 REVENUES Total 3,362.80
 EXPENDITURESOperating ServicesPrinting(3,200.00)
  Operating Services Total (3,200.00)
 EXPENDITURES Total (3,200.00)


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