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Senior Class Gift Information

Preface to the Senior Class Gift:

In 2011, the student body voted to levy a $20 fee, as a part of graduation fees, on Seniors. This fee, designated to be used to aid in the beautifaction of campus, requires the University's administration and SGA to bring a list of beautification projects to the Senior class so that they may choose their Senior Gift.

Read the Resolution here.

The Spring 2024 Ballot will have a section to vote for what gift this money is allocated to this year. Below are the three options for the Snior Class Gift Fund Allocation. Please look over all options and vote on Pathways April 3-4 for the project you would like to see most completed. 

1.  Pocket Park and Outdoor Classroom

Funds would be used to create an outdoor classroom area around our award-winning Montezuma Cypress tree located near Billeaud Hall. The pocket park would be created in the style of an Eco-Plaza at Bourgeois Park with special features such as an emphasis on native plants.

*Subject to changes

2. Hebrard Blvd Rain Garden:

Funds would be used to fund a project outlined in the Campus's Green Infrastructure Master Plan -specifically, a large scale rain garden project along Hebrard Blvd that would dramatically reduce the amount of standing water after rain events.  Funding for a portion of this project is currently available through the Campus as a Living Lab fund and prize money from the 2018 EPA Rainworks Challenge.  With additional class gift funding the University would be able to expand and complete the plan for Hebrard Blvd and allow the University to submit for an award in the EPA Rainworks Challenge demonstration project category.

The extension of the current approved project would allow for green infrastructure implementation to extend from St. Mary to Saucier Wellness Center.  The design will include street trees to shade the high-traffic sidewalk, seating, and a rain garden that is better able to mitigate flash flooding. These green infrastructure projects solve many problems with integrated solutions. This project will beautify campus, reduce flooding on campus, reduce our impacts on the communities downstream, provide shade, improve the water quality of any runoff that does make it to the stormwater system, and recharge the Chicot Aquifer. Overall, it would be a great improvement to the streetscape and create a much more pleasant pedestrian experience.

Design images for current approved project that would be extended with additional class gift funding: *Subject to changes





























3. Globe Statue highlighting International Representation

Funds would be used to create a global statue that highlights the different countries our student body comes from.