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Auxillary Improvement Fee

-The auxiliary Improvement fee was established in 2003 to provide funding for a training facility for all athletes, including an allocation to assist band operations.  The fee is $15 per semester.

Athletic FacilitiesREVENUESTuition and Fees  
   Auxiliary Improvement-Fall219,893.11
   Auxiliary Improvement-Spring196,567.85
   Auxiliary Improvement-SU/odd0.00
   Auxiliary Improvement-WI30.36
   Auxiliary Improvement-SI30.36
   Tuition & Fees-Prior Semesters15.00
   Auxiliary Improvement-SU/even28,500.60
  Tuition and Fees Total 445,037.28
  Nonoper Rev-GiftsGifts-Other than Foundation400,000.00
  Nonoper Rev-Gifts Total 400,000.00
  Nonoper Rev-Net Inv Income (Loss)Interest from Checking Accts2,090.48
  Nonoper Rev-Net Inv Income (Loss) Total 2,090.48
 REVENUES Total 847,127.76
 EXPENDITURESOperating ServicesMaint&Repairs Paid from Maint Resv(278,042.02)
   Other Operating Services(3,310.00)
  Operating Services Total (281,352.02)
  Professional ServicesAccounting & Auditing(2,581.75)
  Professional Services Total (2,581.75)
  Debt ServiceDebt Service-Principal(495,000.00)
   Debt Service-Interest(965,674.26)
   Debt Service-Related Charges(2,750.00)
  Debt Service Total (1,463,424.26)
 EXPENDITURES Total (1,747,358.03)
 TRANSFERSInterfund Transfers InInterfund Transfers In900,230.27
  Interfund Transfers In Total 900,230.27
 TRANSFERS Total 900,230.27