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Big Three Candidates

Presidential Candidates for Spring 2024:

  • Presidential Candidate: Cade Roy (Action Party)

Grade: Junior

Major: Political Science

Involvement: Honors Program, SGA Senate Chair, Campus Planning Committee

Awards/Honors: 5x President’s List, Student Convocation Speaker (Fall 2022), Homecoming Court (Fall 2022), Crisler-Levine Best Paper Award in Political Science Nominee (Fall 2023)

Why am I running: As an active member of SGA for the last two years, I believe in the power of active representation and student advocacy. I am running for student body president because I believe everyone deserves a leader who represents students’ diverse needs and concerns. With the trust and support of the student body, I want to work towards leaving UL a better place than when I found it.

Fun fact: I can whistle nearly any song!

  • Presidential Candidate: Frank Clavelle III (Excel Party)

Name: Frank Clavelle III

Major: Architectural Studies

Grade: Junior

As a fervent leader and server, running for the President of the Student Government Association is something Frank knew he had to do. Under the EXCEL party he aims to empower our students, enhance the campus, and EXCEL in serving the university. In his time here at the university he has been involved in and has held leadership positions all across our campus. Being in things such as the Reginald F. Lewis Scholars Program has given him the opportunity to develop himself professionally, enhance his public speaking amongst diverse audiences, and gain the ability to effectively engage and communicate with high level administrators and government officials within the Louisiana's higher education system. Frank is inspired to be that figure for people to show others that achieving things such as this is possible regardless of where you come from, who you are, and the things people tell you. Frank believes that everyone deserves their voice to be heard. As someone from a minority background, he understands what it is like to not be at the forefront. One of his big passions is sustainability. Knowing that one day his time will be up, he feels it is his duty to leave every space he occupies better than what it was when he found it. In his leadership journey, he has accumulated over 200 plus service hours. This has allowed him to see things from many different perspectives while also influencing, shaping, and impacting the lives of many for the better. As your student body President, he is here to serve.

Campus Involvement: Senator, Student Government Association (2023- present), University Program Center’s Cultural Connections Board Member (January 2023-present), National Society of Leadership and Success (2022- present), Big, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana (2022-present), Vice President, UL Chapter- National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (2023- Present), Treasurer, UL Chapter- National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (2022- 2023), UL Lafayette’s Honors Program (2022- present), Secretary & Presidents Committee, UL Black Male Leadership Association (2021- present).

Awards/Honors: New Student Convocation Speaker Select (2024). McNair Scholar (2023-present), University of Louisiana at Lafayette School of Architecture and Design, Design Merit Recipient (2023), Atkins Foundation Scholar (2023), James Carter Exemplary Leadership Award Recipient (2023), UL’s Black Faculty and Staff Association Academic Excellence Award Recipient (2023), UL Krewe of Roux Court (2023 & 2024). Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus Future Leaders Award- Reginald F. Lewis Scholars Program (2023), The National Organization of Minority Architecture Students, Student Representative Nominee (2022), UL Homecoming Court Nominee (2022 & 2023), UL SGA (Student Government Association) Scholarship Recipient (2022 & 2024). Edward Blanco Memorial Scholarship Recipient (2022), National Society of Leadership and Success Inductee (2022), Reginald F. Lewis Scholar (2022), Albert Architecture Award of Excellence Scholarship Recipient (2022), University of Louisiana at Lafayette School of Architecture and Design Commendable Progress Recipient (2021). Cypress Scholarship Recipient (2021- present), (1x President’s List), (3x Dean’s List).

Fun Fact: My favorite drink is water

Vice President Candidates for Spring 2024:

  • Vice President Candidate: Jasim Ali (Action Party)

Name: Jasim Ali

Grade: Junior in Mechanical Engineering

Campus Involvement and Achievements: Engineering Ambassador (Fall 2022-Present), Undergraduate Research Apprentice (Fall 2021 - Present), Student Government Association - Freshman College President (2021 - 2022), Student Government Association - College of Engineering Senator (2022 - 2023), Student Government Association - College of Engineering President (2023 - 2024), SOUL Camp Staff - Mentor (2021 - 2022), SOUL Camp Staff - Lead Staff (2022 - 2023), SOUL Camp Staff - Komeback Krewe (2023 - 2024), UL Big Event - Director of Training and Service (2022 - 2023),  UL Life Program - Mentor (2021 - 2022), Sigma Chi Fraternity IFC Delegate (Spring ‘21), Sigma Chi Fraternity Philanthropy Chair (Fall ‘21 - Spring ‘22), Sigma Chi Fraternity Vice President (Fall ‘23 - Spring ‘24), Outstanding Sophomore Award (2022), Outstanding Freshman Award (2021), UL Lafayette Live Oak Scholarship (2021 – 2025), UL Lafayette SGA International Friendship Non-Endowed Scholarship (2021 – 2023), UL Honors Scholars of Excellence Scholarship (Fall 2021 – 2023), Keller Zibilich Memorial Scholarship - Outstanding Sigma Chi Member (2022), Eagle Scout Recognition (2019), Optimist International Oratorical Competition Scholarship (2018), Most Outstanding Mu Class Brother Superlative (2022), Benjamin Piatt Runkle Courage Superlative (2023), Vigil Honor Member - Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America (2023), 2 Time Elected Youth State Representative for the Boy Scouts of Americ, Elected as 1 of 12 key youth program leads for the National Order of the Arrow Conference (2023)

Being a part of the Student Government Association (SGA) for the last three years has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my college leadership journey. I have had the privilege of serving since my very first year at UL Lafayette, starting as the freshman class president, progressing to the College of Engineering senator, and now holding the position of the College of Engineering president.I am a firm believer in advocacy and inclusion. Coming from an international background, I've found a profound sense of belonging and community within SGA. It is here that I want to extend my advocacy for students with diverse backgrounds, aiding them in achieving their goals and fostering a sense of community. As someone from a minority background, I understand the importance of representation, and I want students like me to see that it is possible to serve the entire student body while coming from a diverse background. I am grateful for the three years of experience that have prepared me for this position. These years have equipped me with the necessary processes and tools to effectively advocate for the student body as a whole through an organization that holds significant meaning for me. I am ready to continue serving and making a positive impact on our diverse and vibrant campus community.

Fun fact: I take pride in being an Eagle Scout and currently serve as one of the 12 key youth national leads for Scouting's National Honor Society, actively contributing to the planning and execution of our upcoming national conference!


  • Vice President Candidate- Isaiah Crawford (Excel Party)


Name: Isaiah Crawford

Grade: Senior in Kinesiology with Pre- Professional Concentration

Running for SGA Vice President under the EXCEL Party, Isaiah Crawford is a third-year senior majoring in Kinesiology with a Pre-Professional Concentration from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a one-year member of SGA, serving as a senator for the College of Education and Human Development. Isaiah is also a member of the Reginald F. Lewis Scholars Program, the Black Male Leadership Association, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Black Student-Athlete Association, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Black Student Union, and the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns men's basketball team. His involvement with the Reginald F. Lewis Scholars Program has given him the opportunity to develop himself professionally, publicly speaking amongst diverse audiences, and the ability to effectively engage and communicate with high level administrators and government officials within the Louisiana's higher education system. Some of his recent engagement opportunities includes presenting to the University of Louisiana System, serving as the Master of Ceremonies for the 2022 New Student Convocation, and being selected for the 2023 homecoming court. Within his other campus and community involvement, Isaiah has successfully accumulated over 200 plus service hours during his leadership journey at UL. This has allowed him to make a major impact in the lives of others while continuing to cultivate his servant leadership style.

In addition to campus and community involvement, he has excelled academically and has been the recipient of various academic and scholarship awards. As Vice President, Isaiah plans on unifying the student body, student-athletes, faculty, staff, and administration to create a family-like bond that fosters love and culture. He also plans on continuing the traditions of Sneaux Day by implementing new ideas to elevate the event and the experience for the students and campus community. He would like to incorporate other components into this program and future programs that will showcase the diversity and inclusivity of our Ragin' Cajun culture. Isaiah wants to ensure that everyone is provided with an opportunity to have a voice and a sense of belonging at SGA affiliated events and programs. Transparency will be a key and critical focal point in this role, and he will strive to represent the student body and university to the highest standard of excellence. In his free time, he enjoys working out and giving back to his community. Isaiah is excited and looking forward to studying abroad this summer in Paris, France!

Treasurer Candidates for Spring 2024:

  • Treasurer Candidate: Brooke Davenport (Action Party)

Grade: Junior

Major: Secondary Math Education

Current Involvement: vice president of community relations in Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority, director of corporate sponsorships for the Big event, current college of education and human development SGA President, teacher prep student support services advisory board, teacher prep peer mentor co-chair, Student ambassador (leadership team), honors program

Fun fact: I was on Japanese national television.

“I want to let students know that they can come to me with any issues or ideas they have and I will do anything I can to help. I believe that I have the tools to bring this university forward. As treasurer , I would help to more organizations and individuals receive funding and support from the school. I would continue to monitor spending that the campus engages in and let the student body know where their funds are going”

  • Treasurer Candidate- Sean Meyers (Excel Party)

Grade: Junior

Major: Public Relations

Running for SGA Treasurer under the EXCEL Party, Sean Myers is a second-year junior majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Hospitality Management from Church Point, Louisiana. He is a two-year member of the Student Government Association, serving as Freshman President and College of Liberal Arts Senator. Besides SGA, Myers has been involved and held leadership positions in a variety of student organizations, including UPC's Student Activities Board, Student Orientation Staff, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Interfraternity Council, Honors Program, The Big Event, SLIDDE, and the Peer Mentor program where he has been able to see many different aspects of campus life. Myers also serves as a Student Ambassador where he introduces perspective students through giving campus tours. He was also the recipient of the 2023 Outstanding Freshman Award, a prestigious honor given to a freshman for exceptional accomplishment and involvement, and was awarded SGA's Rising Leader Award in 2023. As Treasurer, some of Myers' top goals include decreasing student fees and making SGA more transparent, both for SGA members, and the general student body.



Slated Chief of Staff and Campaign Managers:

*The following individuals will not be voted on but selected by the presidential candidates for the upcoming school year if they win the election on April 3rd-4th. These are supporting positions to an executive cabinent that are selected by the Student Body President, and these individuals are helping the Student Body President, VP, and Treasurer positons get elected but students will not cast a vote to elect in accordance to SGA Bylaws. *

  • Chief of Staff- Annaclaire Zerangue, EXCEL

Name: Annaclaire Zerangue, EXCEL
Major: Junior, majoring in Psychology; minoring in English

Miss UL Lafayette USA 2023
SGA College of Liberal Arts Senator
Treasurer of Ragin’ Swift Society, Member of Leading LIFE

Member of SLIDDE
Peer Mentor 2023-2024
Honors Board 2023-2024

Honors and Awards:
Top Scholar 2022
President’s List every semester
Dr. Maureen Brennan Endowed Honors Scholarship

I am helping run the campaign because:
I firmly believe EXCEL is an amazing group of student leaders who are ready to see and be the change. I am running with EXCEL because I value the hard workers and innovative students that are campaigning together. I have grown up on campus and value the traditions our school upholds; however, I am ready and excited to see how EXCEL can help this campus evolve and create new horizons for our University.


  • Chief of Staff, Caemon Scott (Action)

Name: Caemon Scott

Major: Junior in Public Relations

Involvement: UL Track and Field, SGA SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) , BSAA(Black Student Athlete Association, MMA (Minority Male Athlete)

Award/Honors: 2023 Homecoming Court, 4X All-Sun Belt, 2023 Freshman Convocation Speaker, President’s List, NCAA Academic All-District Team, Sun Belt SAAC E-Board, Previous #9 in U-20 standings

I am committed to perpetuating efforts toward fostering positive change within our campus community. Helping and motivating others has always been my passion, and I strive for every student to feel heard by the university regarding their concerns, with genuine efforts made to address them. I aim to serve as a representative for all students on campus to the best of my ability, dedicating myself fully to this responsibility every day.

Fun Fact: My favorite Disney Movie is Lilo and Stitch


  • Campaign Manager, Jayden King (Excel)

Name: Jayden King

Major: Senior in Political Science with a minor in Leadership and History

Jayden King is a senior majoring in political science with minors in Leadership and History from Pineville, Louisiana. On campus, he is involved in a wide array of student organizations at different levels including President of the College of Liberal Arts in the university Student Government Association, Presidential Student Ambassador with the Office of the President, and Director of Volunteer Recruitment for the UL Big Event 2024. Over his four years at the university, Jayden has seen the many faces and sides of this great campus. He simply wants everything and everyone on this campus to EXCEL!