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College of Liberal Arts Candidates

Link to voting (Open April 3rd at 6am- April 4th at 4:30pm):


Presidential Candidates (Students will pick one candidate):

  • Serena Alaniz, EXCEL

I am running for SGA because I believe every student deserves their voice to be heard. I want to promote student rights and to create a comfortable platform in which all students can express any and all concerns they may have.

Fun Fact: I went to the Tri Sigma Academy in Dallas!

  • Denaecia Lewis, Action

Within my college, i want to put a lot more things into ACTION. I not only want to see The College of Liberal Arts grow but I also want to start many different conversations within the college that has never been brought up before.

Fun Fact: I was military ball queen in JROTC in high school!

Senator Candidates (Students will pick six candidates):

  • Ariyannah Thibeaux, EXCEL

I am running in order to bring more transparency to the student body. I want them, especially liberal arts majors, to see that there is something for them in SGA, and we hear them. I want to be the voice for the students who don't speak up about things.

I am involved in Student Orientation Staff, Peer Mentor, and Presidential Student Ambassador

  • Cameron Terrell, Independent

As Liberal Arts Senator, my goal is to work with my peers to solve the issues we face in-class, and around our campus to make school more welcoming and exciting for all students. Being a new face on campus is important because I bring many new ideas and solutions along this college journey. In the 4 years that I have on this campus I plan to do as much as I can to make this home for all students.

I am currently a general body member of Black Student Union (BSU) and Black Male Leadership Association (BMLA). I also had the honor to make the Dean’s List with a 3.6 GPA.  In my free time, I enjoy working out, playing basketball, and hanging with friends.

  • Nicholas Lawson, EXCEL

Nick is running to address the concerns of Liberal Arts students on campus especially regarding the state of Griffin Hall and to highlight liberal arts majors and minors as a pathway to success. Nick is also running to help bridge the gap between liberal arts staff and the students to increase transparency and to help build up the Liberal Arts programs at UL.

Fun Fact: I currently serve as the Interfraternity Council President.

  • Seth Benton, EXCEL

To improve our campus and making needed changes that we haven’t seen in prior years. I want to EMPOWER our student body and ENHANCE their experience while here, whether it be academic, social, or mental.

Fun fact: The Edge Apartment movie theater is named after me.

  • Stefani Monfra, Action


I am super excited to be running for College of Liberal Arts Senator as I want to offer transparency. With that I want to push the perspective that SGA members are students too and that our main job is to help amplify YOUR voice, not our own.

A fun fact about me is that I love coffee and coffee flavored ice cream! Throughout my time at the university I have been heavily involved as I have been a part of UPC, Peer Mentors, Soul Camp, and my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi.

  • Emily Lamkin, Action

I am running for liberal arts senator because my biggest goal in life is to make changes that the majority would like to see. At the university, I know there are things people want implemented and/or done away with. If given the opportunity, in this position, I’d do my best to make changes that students truly want to see while still maintaining the traditions of the university.

In less than a year on campus, I have involved myself with multiple organizations. I am currently a member of Tri Sigma Sorority, University College Senator, a member of the Honors Program, and I am currently training to be a SOUL camp mentor in the fall.

  • Jeanne Myers, Action

I am running for SGA in order to become more involved on campus. I want to meet likeminded students who have a passion for academics and want to make a difference.

My favorite award that I have ever received is from when I used to ride horses!

  • Mia Lovecchio, Action

As a candidate for senator of the College of Liberal Arts for SGA, my main goal is to increase community involvement with giving our student body more opportunities in whichever field they wish to pursue. I promise to give my all, voice and express whatever you may need to succeed after college.

Involvement: 2022-2033 Panhellenic Delegate, 2023-2024 Philanthropy Chairwoman for Phi Mu Alpha Sigma, UL Leading Life Mentor, and Greek Unity Board

  • Trinity Stewart, Action

As a leader, it’s my job to create an environment that will allow all students to be as successful as possible. With the help of my colleagues, I want to take the College of Liberal Arts to new levels by providing adequate support and guidance to our students.

I love being involved on campus! I’m the Co-Historian and Social Media Committee Lead for Black Student Union, I’m on SOUL Camp Lead Staff, I’m a dancer, and I’m a member of Chi Alpha.

  • Maelin Crum, EXCEL

Maelin's hopes of being elected as a Senator for the Student Government Association stems from her desire to improve the student body and campus life overall. She is a firm believer in building up the community by improving academic resources, sustainability practices, campus facilities, and student engagement by addressing concerns voiced by her peers. Her intense passion for the university and her strong dedication as a leader is a great combination to advocate for the student body in a way that will truly make a change alongside the other EXCEL candidates.

Maelin currently holds a position on Tri Sigma's Officer Board as Chapter President, and she would love the opportunity to serve her peers in an even greater capacity through being elected as Senator for Student Government Association.

  • Jacilyn Rabb, EXCEL

I decided to run for SGA, because of my passion, for being the mediator between the government and the public, but in this case, the student body and student government. This perfectly aligns with what I want to pursue as my career, therefore you can trust that I will take this seriously.

I currently work as an undergraduate research assistant for the Blanco Public Policy center on campus.

  • Ashlee Trahan, Independent

I would love to have the chance to make difference on campus and in my community through this position.

A little bit about me is I am a freshman studying Political Science. I am also a first generation college student and the youngest of five kids. Since being here, I have joined Tri Sigma Alpha Mu. Where I serve proudly as Philanthropy Assistant, helping my chapter with its Philanthropic needs and goals. When I have free time, I enjoy playing goalie in intramural soccer for my sorority and volunteer at my local Boys and Girls Club teaching kids how to play tennis.

  • Lainnie Bourque, Independent

I am running in hopes of having a positive impact on our school community. I also strive to improve issues important to students and help to  contribute to campus improvement.

I enjoy mentoring younger students through there process of interning college. Last year I achieved this by joining the peer mentor program. Helping others can be a very rewarding experience.

  • Grace Russo, Action
  • Louis Cohn, Independent
  • Andrew DaBella, EXCEL

I am running not to only further expand the ties between Greek life and the other councils on our school. But to also help to make the overall student life great again at the university like it was before Covid and make it even better. I would also like to figure out where exactly all these fees go that we are forced to pay for in our tuition, and possibly help to reduce these if possible.

I am the president of Phi Kappa Theta, which I have been involved with since the fall of 2019 where I have learned things to propel me in a leadership role that I believe could help to better our campus.