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University College Candidates

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Presidential Candidates:

  • Winter Sullen, Action

I am running for SGA because I care about making a positive impact on campus! My passion for creating change and helping others would be awesome in a leadership role. Plus, my creative ideas could really benefit the student body.

I am a 2023 Gordon Rickels Honor Scholarship winner.

  • Mia Lucas, EXCEL

I decided to run for SGA because throughout my years on campus I have seen how much the student body can accomplish when they work together and how much this campus has grown since I was a kid. I want to make a positive impact on this campus that lasts for generations and continue the trend of positive growth that makes the university so special to me and so many others.

I am and honors students who is currently a graduating Biology Major, but starting in the fall semester I will be a Performing Arts Major with a concentration in theatre technology and design! Fun Fact: I’ve been performing on stage since the 5th grade!


Senator Candidates:

  • Andromeda "Andy" Lopez, EXCEL

I care very deeply about the university as a whole, and more particularly the honors program. I want to be able to increase the amount of classes that students can take for honors credit, and make a lasting impact on the campus that I love so much.

I have been a part of the Honors Department since I first started on UL's campus and plan to stay in it until I graduate.

  • Gabrielle St Pierre, Action
  • Hiyam Jhane, Action

I am running because I would like to help achieve the goals of the SGA as well as help students with any type of improvements that they would like to see.

I am the treasurer of the Arabic Culture Club (ACC), I am a part of Educators Rising, as well as the honors program.

  • Maci Jackson, EXCEL