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Our Mission

The mission of the Student Government Association is to serve the student body of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette by representing students through a steadfast commitment to providing an environment conducive for the pursuit of student engagement; by ensuring opportunities for leadership development; and by engaging in student-driven initiatives in collaboration with university, city, and state officials in order to enrich the quality of student life and develop a unified Ragin’ Cajun community.


A Student Government Association, representing the student body of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is hereby created in order to represent students in matters pertaining to student welfare, student activities, student participation in university planning, and administration and student opinion.

The Student Government, in its representative capacity, shall initiate and integrate student activities, inform the student body of the aim, policies and ideas of the university which pertain to or affect enrollees or the university among students and alumni, and shall be considered and referred to as an advisory body to the university administration in all functions affecting the student body.