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College of Education Candidates

Link to voting (Opens 6am April 3rd- 4:30pm April 4th):


Presidential Candidate:

  • Elizabeth Hale

*Elizabeth Hale is elected to serve 2024-2025 College of Education President due to no other applicants*

Senator Candidates:

  • Lizzie Wineski, Action

I am running for this position to make a positive impact and be a resource for education students. Be the change you want to see in the world!

Fun Fact: I have been honored to serve as multiple positions in my sorority for the past three years, and am currently the incoming President of Tri Delta for the 2024-2025 term!

  • Orlando Harris, Independent
  • Christian Stewart, EXCEL
  • Gracie Wood, Action

I want to be an advocate for my peers. I want to represent our education students to the best of my ability by listening to their grievances and taking them to the senate to be sure that they feel heard. My priority is to ensure that every student is aware that they have a voice and their opinions are valued greatly!

I serve on Alpha Delta Pi's executive board as our Director of Philanthropy, and I love being able to work directly with our local Ronald McDonald House Charities. Also, I plan on going to medical school to become an Emergency Room Physician (it's my dream job)!

  • Robert Batarseh, Action

I'm running for the opportunity to not only be a voice for the university's students, but to take action into my own hands as a student myself. I'm striving to bring an unmatched level of servitude to the college of education while also bringing the kinesiology community more attention and a louder voice. I feel as if kinesiology is underrepresented in the SGA and I will work endlessly to fix that, while simultaneously advocating for the greater good of the students. Regardless of what must be sacrificed.

"I aim to be as involved as possible in the university!

I'm also Jordanian!"

  • George Aggrey, EXCEL
  • An'Jel Boyd, Action

Being apart of SGA is such an honor as I get to be surrounded by like minded individuals, serve, and be an advocate for the student body at our University. This organization has provided many networking opportunities with peers and faculty as well as other ways to enhance my leadership skills through service. As a current senator for the College of Education and Human Development (COEHD), my college delegation and I are continuously working to improve student accessibility and provide scholarship opportunities that can enrich students’ experience and enhance the quality of the College of Education and Human Development. If I am re-elected as a Senator, I will be committed to continue to make a positive impact on the student body as well as our University.

Fun Fact: I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Student Government Association, Educators Rising Club, and the National Honor Society for Leadership and Success.

  • Avery Toups, Independent

Having been a lifelong supporter of Ragin' Cajun, I've decided to run for SGA senator to address issues affecting our campus and bring about positive change. Through raising awareness and advocating for solutions, I aim to unite students and enhance our university experience while also developing valuable negotiation and advocacy skills for my future endeavors.

Involvement: Active member of Sigma Chi Fraternity, Member of American College of Sports Medicine

  • Kayla Stallings, EXCEL

I am running for SGA because I want to become more involved with my community. I want to expand my leadership skills, connect more with students and faculty, and overall work on creating a more inclusive environment for students in the College of Education and Human Development.

Fun Fact: I am currently the President of Kappa Delta Sorority!

  • Mya Beverly, EXCEL

I decided to run for the College of Education SGA senator to work with like minded people and to be a voice for others so we can improve and support our peers in education. If I’m elected I would love to find other conferences for education majors to attend to build connections in the teacher community.

Involvement: A board member of the UPC University Traditions Board, SOUL camp mentor 2023, SOUL camp Komeback Krewe 2024, A member of Educators Rising Collegiate

One fun fact about me is when I was younger I used to play school with my cousins and I always wanted to be the teacher."


Voting link will be added the week of elections.

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