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College of the Arts Candidates




Presidential Candidates (Students select one candidate):

  • Nicholas Leblanc, EXCEL

I am very proud to be a student at the university. I believe that it important for every student to be involved and connected. By seeking the office of College of the Arts President, I hope to have an opportunity to share ideas and make a difference.

I've been involved in community theater since the age of 9. Last spring, I performed in the  production of "The Great American Songbook: The Golden Age of Broadway." I had the opportunity to act in two movies and a TV show- "Where the Crawdads Sing," "The Thing About Pam," and "Emancipation" with Will Smith.  I have been named to the President's List for the past 4 semesters.

  • Drake Hardy, Action

After spending one year on SGA I was hooked. I knew I wanted to comeback and be apart of the bigger changes that I wanted to see around our campus.

Fun Fact: I am a first generation college student.

Senator Candidates (Students select three candidates)

  • Emily Calcagno, EXCEL
  • Caleb Dixon, Action
  • Gannon Bourque, Action

When I first arrived here as a freshman, I never would’ve thought I’d be running for SGA.  But, after learning about the incredible work done by previous administrations, and realizing the importance of all students having a voice and representation, I was eager for a chance to be part of this organization!

I marched Carolina Crown!

  • Kaitlyn Kemper, Action

I am running for the SGA Senator position for the College of the Arts because I am passionate about improving the college experience for art students as well as being a part of an organization that values excellence within growth. So far, my time at the university has been amazing, and with my involvement, I have been able to observe on a deeper level what students need for their academic achievement; however, I believe with my ideas and drive, improvements can be made that will further make our academic college great. My goal is to bring forth innovation and quality within my academic college in addition to the university as a whole by allocating for students and their needs.

A fun fact about me is that for 12 years of my life, I played the Viola. Although I have retired recently, music will forever be one of my passions and has shaped me into the person I am today.

My Involvement: Resident Assistant 2023-Present, Peer Mentor 2023-Present, Honors Student 2022-Present, NOMAS Member 2022-Present, SDC Member 2023-Present, Resident Hall Association Member 2023-Present
University of Louisiana Orchestra 2021-2024, ASRE Pathways Student 2023-Presents

I’ve been on the Dean's list, received Black Student Achievement Award and Academic Excellence Award

  • Amaris Milano, EXCEL

I decided to run because I would love to advocate for my academic college, along with the university as a whole. I want to help students have a voice and be a part of the positive change to our university!

I am in the univesity symphony as the principal violist!

  • Christopher Shelvin, EXCEL

If you have any questions, please email

Link to voting for College of Arts will be posted the week of elections.