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College of Nursing Candidates

Link to voting (April 3rd at 6am-April 4th at 4:30pm):


Presidential Candidates (Choose one):

  • Asa Trail, EXCEL

I aim to foster a supportive environment where nursing students can thrive academically and personally, and to spearhead programs that promote wellness and professional development. I'm passionate about representing our cohort's interests and bringing our ideas to the forefront of the college's agenda.

I am a Nursing Clinicals Mentor within the College. Last fall, I received the Student Recognition Award for Performing Bystander CPR in a Non-Clinical Setting. I am also apart of various volunteer organizations.

  • Tia Miller, Action

Hey y'all! My name is Tia Miller and I am in Nursing 308/309! I am currently a Nursing Senator for SGA, so I am confident that my experience with being involved in the organization will benefit the advancement of the Student Government Association as well as the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. I am running in order to enhance the nursing student experience and adhere to any wants/needs that may arise! :)

My major is my passion! That being said, I am also involved in the Student Nurses' Association, Acadiana Black Nurses' Association, and Nursing Dean's Advisory Board! I also volunteered in the Newborn ICU, received the Lafayette General Medical Center Auxillary Scholarship, and attended the National Student Nurses' Association Convention in Nashville, TN! :)

Senator Candidates (Choose five):

  • Ivory Amos, Action
  • Johnathan Billeaudeau, EXCEL

  • Johnnie Hardy, Action
  • Jaylen Perry, Action
  • Dexter Walker, Action
  • Kalie Robin, EXCEL

I want to be an advocate for the students in the College of Nursing and for them to know they have a voice. It’s important to meet the needs of the students and hear out each and everyone’s ideas. I feel there can be some changes that can be made and running for SGA senate is taking a step in the right direction.

I am currently a UL nursing mentor for the students in 208/209 and Nursing Christian Fellowship. I also am a part of Phi Mu Alpha Sigma at Phi.

  • Avery Grace Hebert, EXCEL

I am running to be an SGA senator for the College of Nursing because I passionate about being involved in a student leadership group working toward making an impact on our campus and community. Together, we will EXCEL university!

I was the 2022-23 Louisiana State Beta Secretary and a current member of the Ragin Jazz dance team here at the university.

  • Cheyenne Clark, Action

I am running for nursing senator because I love being an advocate for my peers as well as I have a passion for the college of nursing and its overall advancement. Being a senator would allow me to be the voice of so many within my college and help make changes within the college to elevate it to the next level.

A fun fact about me is I have been apart of SOUL Camp for the last year and a half where I have learned so much valuable information about the university that would help me in my position as nursing senator.

  • Ja'katelyn Willis, EXCEL

I decided to run for SGA becasue I want to be included in things going on around our campus. I want to add my imput and improvements for the campus, especially the nursing program. I want to advocate for nurisng students and create a positive environment to increase the success of our nursing students.

A fun fact about me is that I have been a part of the Student Orientation Staff for 3 years.

  • Matthew Abapo, EXCEL

  • Lauren Pitre, Independent

I’m running to be a SGA nursing senator because I want to advocate for collaboration with peers and for the betterment of mental health. While the nursing program encourages to work with peers, there isn’t a push for it. I also believe there needs to be a stronger emphasis of self-care through the promotion of mental health practices-something that can benefit everyone.

I’m a soul camp mentor, actively involved with the Tri Sigma sorority, and an honors ambassador!

  • Khloe Carr, Independent
  • Ceira Jones, Independent

I am running for Nursing Senator because I believe the College of Nursing has made a lot of improvements as far as technology and appearances, but not as many advancement have been made catering to student satisfaction. I want to be a student advocate and help move into place the wants and needs of the students sitting behind desks and standing in clinical spaces day in and out.

I got to serve on Krewe of Roux Court 2024 as UL Student Nursing Association’s representative! I also helped decorate our float and we won the people’s choice award!



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Link for voting will be posted the week of elections.