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Spring Elections- Big Three and Senate

The mission of the Student Government Association is to serve the student body of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette by representing students through a steadfast commitment to providing an environment conducive for the pursuit of student engagement; by ensuring opportunities for leadership development; and by engaging in student-driven initiatives in collaboration with university, city, and state officials in order to enrich the quality of student life and develop a unified Ragin’ Cajun community.

Elections: April 3rd at 6am-April 4th at 4:30pm

Elections Announcement: April 4th at 5:00pm on Union Porch

How do students vote?

Students will be able to vote using a link sent to them that will lead to a Pathways form. Each academic college has their own form. Students will only be able to vote on the form that is associated with their academic college. Students CAN vote cross party. Emails will be sent throughout the day encouraging and reminding students to vote for SGA Elections! If students are having difficulty, please contact Chief Elections Officer at

Here is the link for voting. Forms will not open until April 3rd at 6am:

*SGA the week of elections will post video tutorials, instructions, and more information about elections*

For additional information on elections and ways to get involved in SGA, please reach out to CEO, Chief Elections Officer, at