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SGA Spring 2018 Elections are Approaching

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Student Government Vacancies Announced

The Student Government Association currently has Senate vacancies in two colleges.  Applications for these seats are

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Campaigning Begins for SGA Freshmen Elections

Four Freshmen Senator seats in the Student Government Association are available by election.  See your Freshmen

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Student Government Freshmen Elections

Applications for four Freshmen Senators seats are now available.  If you are interested in representing your fellow

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Elections are held each Spring semester to fill positions within the Executive and Legislative Branches, with the exception of the Freshmen Senate seats.

The following SGA Seats will be opening:

Big Three Tickets
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Grant Bernard, President Chandler Harris, President
Anna Paddock, Vice President Benjamin Messner, Vice President
Reece Walker, Treasurer Ji'Carla Martinez, Treasurer

College of the Arts 1 President 2 Senators
College of Business 1 President 4 Senators
College of Education 1 President 4 Senators
College of Engineering 1 President 5 Senators
College of Liberal Arts 1 President 6 Senators
College of Nursing 1 President 5 Senators
College of Sciences 1 President 5 Senators
Graduate School 1 President 4 Senators
University College 1 President 2 Senators

Applications may be picked up and turned in at the SGA office - Student Union - Room 159 or downloaded here.  (Deadline passed - no longer available)

Application Deadline: Friday, February 23, 2018 @ 12:00 pm