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Masterplan Advancement Program

-The MAP fee was established 2013 as a comprehensive campus master planning with the goal of charting a course for future university development and for codifying growth.
-The fee provides funding for campus improvements with input from students.

In the past, the MAP fee has funded:

Quad Renovations:

UL Lafayette's Student Government Association spearheaded the Quad redesign in 2010. Renovations to the Quad also include a plaza, new walkways and landscaping with crepe myrtles and magnolias.


The creation of Cypress Lake Plaza:

The Plaza includes an amphitheater with a podium and stage where speakers can address crowds on campus and use Cypress Lake as a backdrop. Future plans for this area include arbors, a pier that will extend into the lake, and an extension of the lake.

Financials for the 2018-2019 MAP Fee 


Masterplan Adv Program FeeREVENUESTuition and Fees 
   Masterplan Adv Fee-Fall1,467,996.87
   Masterplan Adv Fee-Spring1,299,768.83
   Masterplan Adv Fee-SU/odd0.00
   Masterplan Adv Fee-WI5,171.85
   Masterplan Adv Fee-SI6,824.58
   Tuition & Fees-Prior Semesters247.50
   Masterplan Adv Fee-SU/even145,122.32
  Tuition and Fees Total 2,925,131.95
 REVENUES Total 2,925,131.95
 EXPENDITURESOperating ServicesRentals0.00
   Property Maintenance and Repairs(42,662.00)
   Other Maintenance and Repairs(41,295.11)
   Maintenance Contracts(11,782.75)
  Operating Services Total (95,739.86)
  Supplies Educ and Recreational Supplies(117,610.58)
   Other Maint Supplies(9,208.03)
  Supplies Total (126,818.61)
  Professional ServicesConsulting0.00
   Engineering & Architect(135,530.01)
   Other Professional Services(13,440.00)
  Professional Services Total (148,970.01)
  Capital ExpensesOffice Acquisitions (1-5K)(68,442.31)
   Major Repairs-Land Improvement(1,190,913.27)
   Office Acquisitions (>5K)(17,244.48)
  Capital Expenses Total (1,276,600.06)
 EXPENDITURES Total (1,648,128.54)


View the referendum here.

Read more of the Master Plan here.