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-The Insurance Fee was established in 1995.  This accident only policy (a type of policy which is not required to follow ACA guidelines) is now included with tuition and fees for domestic students carrying sufficient hours. This $22.00 fee is not covered by federal financial aid unless there is a signed waiver to that effect on file in the financial aid office.

Financials for the 2017-2018 Student Insurance Fee

Student InsuranceREVENUESTuition and Fees 
   Student Insurance Fee-Fall292,695.70
   Student Insurance Fee-Spring261,717.50
   Student Insurance Fee-SU/odd0.00
   Tuition & Fees-Allowance Adj29,128.17
   Tuition & Fees-Prior Semesters14.00
   Student Insurance Fee-SU/even32,084.30
  Tuition and Fees Total 615,639.67
 REVENUES Total 615,639.67
  Salaries Total (85,186.67)
  RetirementRetr Contr-LASERS(32,369.03)
   Medicare Insurance(1,182.90)
  Retirement Total (33,551.93)
  Group InsuranceHealth Ins Contr-Regular(6,081.36)
   Life Ins Contr-Regular(31.22)
  Group Insurance Total (6,112.58)
  Operating ServicesInsurance(66,532.00)
  Operating Services Total (66,532.00)
 EXPENDITURES Total (191,383.18)
 TRANSFERSInterfund Transfers InInterfund Transfers In21,479.11
  Interfund Transfers In Total 21,479.11
  Interfund Transfers OutInterfund Transfers Out(445,735.60)
  Interfund Transfers Out Total (445,735.60)
 TRANSFERS Total (424,256.49)