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International Student Council

-The International Student Council fee was established in 1999 to provide funding for the international student council.  The fee is $.35 per semester.

Financials for the 2018-2019 International Student Council Fee


International Student Council REVENUES Tuition and Fees    
      International Stu Council-Fall 5,086.62
      International Stu Council-Spring 4,579.74
      International Stu Council-WI 72.60
      Tuition & Fees-Allowance Adj 509.92
      Tuition & Fees-Prior Semesters (0.35)
      International-Stu Council-SI 100.32
    Tuition and Fees Total   10,348.85
    Nonoper Rev-Gifts Gifts-Foundation 474.80
    Nonoper Rev-Gifts Total   474.80
  REVENUES Total     10,823.65
  EXPENDITURES Operating Services Rentals (630.00)
    Operating Services Total   (630.00)
    Supplies Other Operating Supplies (474.80)
    Supplies Total   (474.80)
    Other Charges Incentives and Awards (3,373.60)
      Registration Fees-Nontravel (10.00)
      Special Meal-Student Function (874.80)
    Other Charges Total   (4,258.40)
  EXPENDITURES Total     (5,363.20)


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