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Student Health Servies

-The Student Heath Service Fee was established in 2002 to provide health care services to student free of charge.  This fee is $20 per semester.

-The Student Health Supplemental fee was established in 2006 to provide maintain the operation of UL Lafayette Student Health Services which provides support for the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities. This fee is $5.00 per semester.

Financials for the 2018-2019 Student Health Services Fees


Health ClinicREVENUESTuition and Fees 
   Med Clinic-Fall350,288.75
   Med Clinic-Spring315,756.25
   Med Clinic-SU/odd0.00
   Med Clinic-WI47.50
   Med Clinic-SI47.50
   Health Fee-Off Campus Student5,570.00
   Tuition & Fees-Allowance Adj31,196.98
   Tuition & Fees-Prior Semesters50.00
   Med Clinic-SU/even89,822.50
  Tuition and Fees Total 792,779.48
  Auxiliary EnterpriseMedical Lab Fees72,593.90
   Medical Services18,703.01
   Miscellaneous Income-Auxiliary94.81
  Auxiliary Enterprise Total 91,391.72
  Other Operating RevenuesOther Fees2,119.98
  Other Operating Revenues Total 2,119.98
 REVENUES Total 886,291.18
 EXPENDITURESSalariesFaculty Extra Duties(1,890.00)
   Labor (Budget Only)0.00
   Classified WAE(11,745.00)
  Salaries Total (724,547.25)
  WagesWages-Casual Labor(27,252.75)
   Student Labor-Regular(79,871.46)
  Wages Total (107,124.21)
  RetirementRetr Contr-LASERS(165,843.84)
   Retr Contr-TRS(70,366.06)
   Retr Contr-TRS Opt(3,605.75)
   FICA Tax(2,344.75)
   Medicare Insurance(10,222.97)
  Retirement Total (252,383.37)
  Group InsuranceHealth Ins Contr-Regular(91,746.31)
   Life Ins Contr-Regular(388.68)
   HSA Contributions(775.00)
  Group Insurance Total (92,909.99)
  TravelConf and Conv Travel-I/S(11.93)
   Conf and Conv Travel-O/S(1,573.60)
   Travel (Budget Only)0.00
  Travel Total (1,585.53)
  Operating ServicesPrinting(1,081.00)
   Laboratory Fees(2,737.10)
   Credit Card Fees(2,093.73)
   Fire Extinguisher Maint and Repairs(15.00)
   Other Maintenance and Repairs(48.00)
   Maintenance Contracts(1,577.59)
   Pest Control(213.00)
   Telephone Line Charges(7,452.00)
   Cable Internet & Wireless Service(1,240.48)
   Institutional Dues(1,601.12)
   Institutional Subscriptions(159.00)
   Professional Licenses-Indvl(1,937.32)
   Online Subscriptions(33,123.00)
   Other Operating Services(4,157.23)
   Operating Services (Budget Only)0.00
  Operating Services Total (77,402.93)
  Supplies Office Supplies(2,220.91)
   Office Supplies-IT related(4,555.84)
   Medical Supplies(63,749.21)
   Other Operating Supplies(189.26)
   Other Maint Supplies(711.28)
   Supplies (Budget Only)0.00
  Supplies Total (71,426.50)
  Professional ServicesMedical & Dental(950.00)
   Professional Services (Budget Only)0.00
  Professional Services Total (950.00)
  Other ChargesRegistration Fees-Nontravel(227.00)
   Other Charges (Budget Only)0.00
  Other Charges Total (227.00)
  Capital ExpensesPC Depot Computers(3,470.00)
   Capital Expenses (Budget Only)0.00
  Capital Expenses Total (3,470.00)
  SuspenseSuspense Expense0.00
  Suspense Total 0.00
 EXPENDITURES Total (1,332,026.78)
 TRANSFERSInterfund Transfers InInterfund Transfers In467,214.71
  Interfund Transfers In Total 467,214.71
  Interfund Transfers OutInterfund Transfers Out(21,479.11)
  Interfund Transfers Out Total (21,479.11)
 TRANSFERS Total 445,735.60


View the 2002 referendum here.

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